These 75 Low-Carb Recipes Will (Almost) Make You Forget Bread and Pasta Even Exist

These 75 Low-Carb Recipes Will (Almost) Make You Forget Bread and Pasta Even Exist

Whether you're avoiding bread and grains to prevent belly bloat or you're going full-on keto to lose weight, cutting carbs will be so easy with these recipes. For 20 grams or less, you can feast on tofu scramble, cauliflower-crust pizza, and cookie dough fudge . . . and you won't miss carbs one bit. We have 75 dishes for you to peruse and you will likely find a recipe, or two, or three, that you want to make.

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Need an energizing breakfast that will offer tons of protein? This sweet potato, tofu, and avocado breakfast bowl is full of flavor and offers almost 20 grams of filling, energizing protein.

Carbs per serving: 20.7 grams
Calories per serving: 317

Get the recipe: sweet potato, tofu, and avocado breakfast bowl

Feed into your smoothie obsession with these green smoothie popsicles.

Carbs per serving: 9.8 grams
Calories per popsicle: 39

Get the recipe: green smoothie popsicle

These babies couldn't be easier to whip up. Just place sunflower seeds, dates, and sea salt in a food processor. Press into a pan and freeze.

Carbs per serving: 8.4 grams
Calories per piece: 60

Get the recipe: chocolate salted caramels

While slices of crunchy apple and fresh strawberries are sweet enough on their own, isn't everything better with chocolate? You can spruce up your basic snack by pairing it with this smooth and mousse-like chocolate dip.

Carbs per serving: 17.1 grams
Calories per serving: 107

Get the recipe: chocolate fruit dip

Chia seeds and coconut milk marry for this Paleo-friendly pudding that works great for breakfast.

Carbs per serving: 20.3 grams
Calories per serving: 206

Get the recipe: coconut chia pudding

Who says pumpkin desserts must be saved for Thanksgiving? These vegan and grain-free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies will satisfy your low-carb sweet tooth all year round.

Total carbs: 6.4 grams
Calories per cookie: 95

Get the recipe: pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Made with carrots and baked instead of fried, these crunchy gems are a much healthier alternative to traditional potato chips.

Carbs per serving: 13.8 grams
Calories per serving: 79

Get the recipe: carrot chips

This tofu scramble is bursting with an addictive savory-sweet flavor, and since it's made with tofu, kale, and sweet potatoes, you can feel good reaching for seconds.

Carbs per serving: 16.6 grams
Calories per serving: 260

Get the recipe: tofu scramble with sweet potatoes and kale

For a one-two punch of omega-3s in your breakfast, try baking eggs in an avocado.

Carbs per serving: 18.1 grams
Calories per serving: 449

Get the recipe: egg in an avocado

This vegan and gluten-free recipe is a much healthier way to satisfy your chocolate strawberry cravings.

Carbs per serving: 15.2 grams
Calories for five strawberries: 87

Get the recipe: chocolate-mousse-filled strawberries

Crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside, these cauliflower bites are the closest a vegetarian gets to a "real" buffalo wing experience.

Carbs per serving: 16.5 grams
Calories per serving: 117

Get the recipe: cauliflower bites

This light pumpkin-coconut bisque will curb your cravings for creamy soup.

Carbs per serving: 15.4 grams
Calories per serving: 202

Get the recipe: pumpkin bisque

If you grew up scooping out spoonfuls of raw cookie dough while baking chocolate chip cookies with Grandma, you're going to fall hard for this cookie dough freezer fudge.

Carbs per serving: 17.6 grams
Calories per piece: 140

Get the recipe: vegan chocolate chip cookie dough freezer fudge

With a little effort, a handful of ingredients, and less than 30 minutes, you can have this nutrient-rich meal on the table that's quick, light, and so satisfying.

Carbs per serving: 19.4 grams
Calories per serving: 349

Get the recipe: roasted veggies and egg dish

Whether PMS has you obsessing over chocolate or you're just in need a little something sweet and don't want to indulge in a 400-calorie dessert, this low-calorie smoothie has got your fudgy cravings covered!

Carbs: 6.2 grams
Calories per serving: 153

Get the recipe: chocolate almond smoothie

If your ultimate comfort food tends to be Southern-fried, try this low-carb Paleo riff on classic shrimp and grits.

Carbs per serving: 8.9 grams
Calories per serving: 269

Get the recipe: garlic shrimp with cauliflower "grits"

Hard-boil your eggs in advance for a throw-together breakfast that will fill you up with protein and fiber, keeping you surprisingly full and satisfied until lunchtime rolls around.

Carbs per serving: 9.8 grams
Calories per serving: 333

Get the recipe: avocado and hard-boiled egg breakfast

These DIY chunks of energy are a cinch to whip up — all you need are a food processor and some wholesome vegan ingredients.

Carbs per serving: 12 grams
Calories for three squares: 156

Get the recipe: chunks of energy

This creamy, slightly sweet dip is reminiscent of the chickpea variety, and is flavored with nutmeg.

Carbs per serving: 15.3 grams
Calories per serving: 181

Get the recipe: kabocha squash hummus

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Leta Shy

High in fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin A, this raw, rainbow salad will add some vibrant color to your day.

Carbs per serving: 13.1 grams
Calories per serving: 131

Get the recipe: rainbow salad

When you're craving a big cup of frozen yogurt with all the fixings, opt for these easy froyo cupcakes instead. In addition to keeping the carb count low, each cute cup is only 30 calories and offers three grams of protein!

Total carbs: 4.3 grams
Calories per piece: 30

Get the recipe: froyo cupcakes

Love fruit smoothies, but want a little more protein? We've got a trick for you. Kick your smoothie up a notch with cottage cheese. Try this low-carb recipe.

Carbs per serving: 19.8 grams
Calories per serving: 163

Get the recipe: mango lassi protein smoothie

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Dominique Astorino

If you find it next to impossible to resist your Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cravings, but you want to do without the milk, sugar, and artificial ingredients, whip up this vegan version instead.

Carbs per serving: 8.8 grams
Calories per piece: 86

Get the recipe: almond butter cups

Baked kale chips are all the rage now, but since women can't live on kale alone, give these chips a try — they're made with spinach instead.

Carbs per serving: 2.4 grams
Calories per serving: 75

Get the recipe: baked spinach chips

Greek yogurt and ripe avocado lay the base for this creamy, fiber-filled popsicle.

Carbs per serving: 18 grams
Calories per serving: 222

Get the recipe: green tea popsicle

Whenever possible, make your own jerky. It's a low-fat, low-cal, low-carb snack, and it's a great source of iron and protein.

Carbs per serving: 2.2 grams
Calories per serving: 82

Get the recipe: beef jerky

This simple banana protein smoothie makes a great morning snack to satisfy sweet cravings and keep you full until breakfast.

Carbs per serving: 19.3 grams
Calories per serving: 149

Get the recipe: banana smoothie

Everyone is talking about cauliflower crust pizza because it's lower in carbs than traditional pizza dough made with flour. But if you're avoiding dairy or eggs, the basic cheesy crust is off limits. Now you can have cauliflower crust made without mozzarella or eggs, and this one is just as easy to make.

Carbs per serving: 16.8 grams
Calories for two pieces: 218

Get the recipe: vegan cauliflower pizza crust

This hearty low-carb breakfast casserole will energize you with its high protein content and keep you full until lunchtime rolls around.

Carbs per serving: 8.2 grams
Calories per serving: 375

Get the recipe: overnight breakfast casserole

This low-calorie frittata is quick enough to come together on a weekday morning but elegant enough to serve to friends at a special weekend brunch.

Carbs per serving: 11.2 grams
Calories per serving: 300

Get the recipe: egg white frittata

Even if you're cutting back on carbs, you can enjoy a stack of hotcakes! These wheat-free pancakes use almond meal and flaxseed instead. They're high in fiber and protein with nearly no sugar whatsoever.

Carbs per serving: 5.4 grams
Calories per pancake: 162

Get the recipe: wheat-free pancakes

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Leta Shy

Instead of topping off your morning bowl of yogurt with sugary granola, serve it up in a fresh cantaloupe bowl. Be sure to add your favorite fresh berries to the mix for extra color and flavor.

Carbs per serving: 15.1 grams
Calories per serving: 146

Get the recipe: cantaloupe bowl

This recipe is easy to bake ahead of time and grab when you head out the door.

Carbs per serving: 2.3 grams
Calories per muffin: 150

Get the recipe: turkey sausage muffins

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Leta Shy

Pop in a batch of these protein-heavy eggs in ham shells when you wake up, and enjoy a hot, hearty, and quick breakfast before you leave for work.

Carbs per serving: Less than 1 gram
Calories per cup: 109

Get the recipe: eggs in ham shells

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, this low-carb breakfast bowl takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and feels like you've treated yourself to a beautiful brunch at a neighborhood hot spot.

Carbs per serving: 5.4 grams
Calories per serving: 335

Get the recipe: breakfast bowl

Bake up this quinoa egg casserole on Sunday night, and cut a slice the following morning for a gluten-free breakfast.

Carbs per serving: 13.4
Calories per serving: 247

Get the recipe: quinoa egg bake

With more than 10 grams of protein, this tomato frittata is the perfect way to fuel your body after a tough morning workout.

Carbs per serving: 5.3 grams
Calories per serving: 164

Get the recipe: tomato frittata

With flavors like cumin, coriander, onion, pepper, and cilantro mingling together, you get a surprise in every bite of this Southwestern tofu scramble.

Carbs per serving: 14.3 grams
Calories per serving: 135

Get the recipe: Southwestern tofu scramble

This fresh and spicy tortilla-less soup is high in vitamin C and protein.

Carbs per serving: 17.3 grams
Calories per serving: 291

Get the recipe: tortilla-less soup

And adding lean chicken breast to this kale Caesar salad brings on even more protein without adding any carbs.

Carbs per serving: 12.6 grams
Calories per serving: 175

Get the recipe: kale Caesar salad

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Leta Shy

For a tasty, vitamin-packed meal that's even better as leftovers, try Indian-spiced chard and tofu, a delicious main dish that's the perfect after-yoga, low-carb dinner.

Carbs per serving: 17 grams
Calories per serving: 222

Get the recipe: Indian-spiced chard and tofu

Sub in nonfat Greek yogurt to keep the same texture and tang of chicken salad you love while cutting the calories and fat of the traditional in half. Skip the bread and serve your salad over a bed of lettuce for a light and satisfying lunch.

Carbs per serving: 3.9 grams
Calories per serving: 139

Get the recipe: chicken salad

A mix of digestion-relieving cabbage and papaya and hydrating, antioxidant-rich daikon — along with a tangy Thai-inspired citrus dressing — makes this citrus chicken salad a flavorful, filling lunch that's high in protein and low in carbs.

Carbs per serving: 11.6 grams
Calories per serving: 223

Get the recipe: citrus chicken salad

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Leta Shy

This veggie-powered cauliflower pizza crust proves that you don't need flour to make an amazing pizza.

Carbs per serving: 14.4 grams
Calories for half the pizza crust: 272

Get the recipe: cauliflower pizza crust

Unlike the greasy Chinese fried rice typical of most restaurants, this veggie-packed Paleo "rice" skips the food coma and leaves you feeling satisfied and energized at the end of your meal.

Carbs per serving: 12.9 grams
Calories per serving: 230

Get the recipe: Paleo fried "rice"

This Paleo spin on spaghetti and meatballs uses spaghetti squash as a nutrient-rich alternative to traditional pasta.

Carbs per serving: 12.4 grams
Calories per serving: 363

Get the recipe: spaghetti squash and meatballs

Pasta-less macaroni and cheese can be delicious — this cauliflower mac recipe is all the proof you need.

Carbs per serving: 14 grams
Calories per serving: 376

Get the recipe: cauliflower no-mac and cheese

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Leta Shy

If you're on the hunt for a quick and tasty detoxifying recipe, this crunchy cabbage and hemp salad is perfect.

Carbs per serving: 8.7 grams
Calories per serving: 381

Get the recipe: cabbage and hemp salad

Skip the classic, and opt for this lower-carb, just-as-delicious alternative that's baked in the oven.

Carbs per serving: 11.1 grams
Calories per serving: 335

Get the recipe: oven-fried chicken

For a warming, quick supper, cook up these Italian-style stuffed peppers.

Carbs per serving: 7 grams
Calories per serving: 285

Get the recipe: Italian-style stuffed peppers

Tons of root veggies and fresh, fragrant herbs make this a fiber- and protein-rich beef stew that will fill up calorie- and carb-conscious eaters — a huge helping weighs in at just 265 calories!

Carbs per serving: 25.1 grams
Calories per serving: 265

Get the recipe: beef and veggie stew

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

This hydrating and low-carb cucumber caprese salad might turn into your new go-to recipe.

Carbs per serving: 14.4 grams
Calories per serving: 253

Get the recipe: cucumber caprese salad

For a version that doesn't compromise flavor or texture — but cuts back on the fat — cook up these baked buffalo wings.

Carbs per serving: 4.9 grams
Calories per serving: 377

Get the recipe: baked buffalo wings

If you're looking to lighten things up the next time you dig into a comforting bowl of mac and cheese, opt for this twist on tradition that amps up the nutritional value as it cuts back on calories and carbs.

Carbs per serving: 17 grams
Calories per serving: 296

Get the recipe: spaghetti squash mac and cheese

These fresh, raw, and fast collard green wraps feature a unique filling: ground walnuts, seasoned with tamari (a Japanese soy sauce that contains little to no wheat), cumin, and other spices and topped with your favorite salsa.

Carbs per serving: 7.3 grams
Calories per serving: 275

Get the recipe: collard green wraps

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Leta Shy

This play on the comforting flavors of traditional scampi takes the gluten and pasta out of the equation and offers a tasty vegetable in its place: spaghetti squash.

Carbs per serving: 14.9 grams
Calories per serving: 312

Get the recipe: shrimp over spaghetti squash

Beyond their spiced, smoky, and surprisingly meaty flavor, the combination of walnuts and avocado makes this raw taco recipe a low-carb Mexican-inspired dish packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that are linked to burning away belly fat.

Carbs per serving: 10.3 grams
Calories per serving: 310

Get the recipe: raw tacos

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

If you love the texture of tater tots but are trying to cut back on calories and fat, these broccoli tots need to make their way onto your table.

Carbs per serving: 2.9 grams
Calories per serving: 36

Get the recipe: broccoli tots

Craving carb-heavy potato chips? Opt for our roasted Brussels sprouts chips instead. High in fiber and low in calories, they only take 10 minutes to make!

Carbs per serving: 4 grams
Calories per serving: 50

Get the recipe: roasted Brussels sprouts chips

If you're craving something sweet and fruity without any added sugar, whip up a batch of strawberry fruit leather. Keep these in your gym bag or purse for those times when you're on the go.

Carbs per serving: 3.7 grams
Calories per serving: 15

Get the recipe: strawberry fruit leather

For an easy snack, make this Paleo meatball recipe ahead of time, and pop them in your fridge or freezer for easy prep when cravings strike.

Carbs per serving: 2.9 grams
Calories per serving: 244

Get the recipe: Paleo meatballs

If you are craving something crunchy and spicy but don't want to load up on some serious chip-and-salsa calories, try these refreshing, cooling vegetable chard wraps.

Carbs per serving: 7.1 grams
Calories per serving: 87

Get the recipe: vegetable chard wraps

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

It really doesn't get much better than bacon and Brussels sprouts — especially for anyone in your life who follows the Paleo diet.

Carbs per serving: 3 grams
Calories per serving: 151

Get the recipe: bacon and Brussels sprouts

High in vitamins A and C, these tasty squash fries support your immune system all Winter long, and since the spicy sriracha dip is packed with capsaicin and protein, the hot sauce boosts your metabolism while the Greek yogurt satisfies hunger and keeps you full.

Carbs per serving: 10.7 grams
Calories per serving: 97

Get the recipe: baked squash fries

Avocados are a creamy snack that are good on their own, but a sprinkling of sunflower seeds give them an even healthier boost.

Carbs per serving: 8.3 grams
Calories for half an avocado: 161

Get the recipe: avocado with sunflower seeds

If you love Middle Eastern food, head immediately to your kitchen and make our babaganoush. Good as a spread, it can be served alongside fresh veggies to keep carb counts down.

Carbs per serving: 8.8 grams
Calories per serving: 77

Get the recipe: babaganoush

Skip the processed powder and chop up chives, parsley, and garlic for our cucumbers with ranch Greek yogurt dip.

Carbs per serving: 10 grams
Calories per serving: 93

Get the recipe: cucumbers with ranch Greek yogurt dip

There is so much goodness packed into this portable snack. These seaweed chips are cholesterol free and high in vitamin A, and a single serving is only 42 calories.

Carbs per serving: 2.5 grams
Calories per serving: 42

Get the recipe: seaweed chips

Get yourself a crisp, protein-filled snack with these cucumber tofu rolls.

Carbs per serving: 10.2 grams
Calories per serving: 156

Get the recipe: cucumber tofu rolls

Protein-packed coconut shrimp get a healthy makeover in this recipe, where a deep fryer is not at all needed!

Carbs per serving: 12.6 grams
Calories per serving: 214

Get the recipe: coconut shrimp

Light, crispy, and delicious, baked kale chips are loaded with vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium.

Carbs per serving: 11.4 grams
Calories per serving: 117

Get the recipe: baked kale chips

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts

When you need a low-carb snack with a bit of a sophisticated edge, make our asparagus and salmon bundles.

Carbs per serving: 4.7 grams
Calories per serving: 104

Get the recipe: asparagus and salmon bundles

Salad is even more appetizing — and fun! — to eat when it's served on a stick. These Greek salad bites are a cinch to prepare and will make a great appetizer for your next dinner party.

Carbs per serving: 3 grams
Calories per serving: 110

Get the recipe: Greek salad bites

A crunchy snack of roasted edamame will satisfy salt cravings while also upping your protein for the day. It's a great alternative to carb-heavy potato chips.

Carbs per serving: 10.5 grams
Calories per serving: 153

Get the recipe: roasted edamame

For something cool, light, and refreshing, try these cucumber cups with spicy tapenade.

Carbs per serving: 8.3 grams
Calories per serving: 88

Get the recipe: cucumber cups with spicy tapenade

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