18 Recipes That Will Help You Hit Your Daily Fiber Goal

18 Recipes That Will Help You Hit Your Daily Fiber Goal


If losing or managing your current weight is a goal of yours, you're going to want to double-check if you're hitting your daily fiber count.

Maybe you're not feeling satisfied after your meals. Maybe you find yourself back in the kitchen an hour later making another snack or dish. By getting the recommended amount of fiber of 25 to 30 grams a day, you'll feel full for longer. A lot of fiber bars are filled with tons of sugars and other additives, so we suggest you skip all that and make one of these 18 high-fiber recipes.

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This is a powerhouse breakfast that can easily be made gluten-free and vegan in under seven minutes. Chia seeds and hemp seeds are both filled with fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

Get the recipe: chia and hemp seed superfood oatmeal


Cauliflower is a superfood packed with fiber and it makes for a great low-carb side with a steak or roasted veggies in place of potatoes. It can even be made creamier by adding cream cheese.

Get the recipe: cauliflower mashed potatoes


Jicama is a tuber vegetable that's very high in fiber. It gives this salad the perfect healthy crunch!

Get the recipe: jicama slaw


If you're looking to incorporate more fiber into your diet, sneaking in lentils into a dreamy chicken dinner like this is a great way to start.

Get the recipe: one-pan Greek sun dried tomato chicken and lentils


Nothing is better than healthy brownies with only 10 minutes of prep and seven ingredients. The dates and flax seed help a single serving of these brownies clock in at eight grams of fiber.

Get the recipe: vegan raw brownies


This kale pesto incorporates avocado for extra fiber and extra creaminess thanks to the healthy fats. A pasta recipe as green as this is not your grandmother's version of pesto, but it's delicious.

Get the recipe: avocado kale pesto pasta


With a hummus dressing that comes together in under one minute, these roasted veggies and chickpeas make for the best quick lunch. Not only are chickpeas a great plant-based protein option, they're also packed with fiber.

Get the recipe: roasted vegetables chickpea bowl hummus


Stuffed potatoes should be as nutrient packed as these. Tons of lentils, sweet potato skin, and avocados all help load on the fiber as well as flavor.

Get the recipe: smoky lentil stuffed sweet potatoes


This recipe uses a plant-based pasta made from lentils for a protein and digestion boost. Pastas made from pulses are a creative way to sneak fiber into some of your favorite meals.

Get the recipe: vegan meatballs pasta with roasted red pepper sauce


All you got to do is throw everything in a pan and let it simmer for 30 minutes until dinner is served. It can even be prepped ahead and freeze until ready to cook.

Get the recipe: vegan Moroccan chickpea skillet


Fun fact, the healthiest part of the russet potato is the skin so keep it on. Bake them and fill them with any toppings you like. Just two potato skins pack up to 7.8 grams of fiber.

Get the recipe: baked potato skins


Even the pickiest of eaters will love these sweet and salty crispy brussels. Meal prep these ahead and add them to your salads or alongside a protein for some fiber.

Get the recipe: balsamic roasted brussels sprouts


Perfect for entertaining guests, this black bean dip will impress with tangy notes of lime and creaminess from Mexican crema. Serve with your choice of tortilla chips.

Get the recipe: black bean dip


Try something new with this spicy and comforting soup packed with collard greens. It's vegetarian but chicken or a plant-based protein can easily be added.

Get the recipe: one-pot African peanut soup


Drizzled in a lemon dressing, this roasted broccoli is addicting. If you're not a fan of arugula, just sub it for your favorite greens.

Get the recipe: lemony roasted broccoli, arugula, and lentil salad


Green beans are a great side dish to complement a meal for extra fiber. Mushrooms, Parmesan, and bacon can even be added for extra flavor.

Get the recipe: green beans almondine


The dairy-free yogurt in the batter keeps these pancakes so light and fluffy. Using buckwheat flour is a good alternative to make pancakes gluten-free and add fiber.

Get the recipe: healthy gluten-free buckwheat pancakes


This salad comes together in 10 minutes with no mess. Completely vegan and gluten-free, if you like Thai food, you'll love this.

Get the recipe: 10-minute Thai broccoli and chickpea salad

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